Tuition is due at the first lesson of every month. This includes odd-numbered weeks. Students and parents must know how many lessons fall on their day every month. Be sure to keep track of how many lessons you will have to avoid double-payments. Failure to pay at the first lesson may result in the loss of your time slot to another student. Grossly late payments may be subject to legal action.

Cancellations and Make-ups:
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the lesson unless there is an emergency. No make-ups will be arranged for last-minute cancellations. One make-up a month is allowed per student if emergencies arise (death in the family, illness, etc.) Make-ups are never guaranteed for absences. Payment of tuition is for the reservation of a time, not a lesson. Make-ups will be arranged at the discretion and convenience of SBSA. Lessons cancelled by SBSA outside of regular vacations will require a make-up, but if no time is found in this instance, other arrangements will be made. Four weeks notice is required for the cessation of lessons, along with payment for those 4 weeks.

If a vacation of 2 weeks or more is planned, then all accounts will be frozen until the student returns. Individual lessons missed fall under the make-up policy (see above).

All SBSA students are required to perform in three yearly recitals unless specifically granted permission to the contrary. All students must pay the recital fee specified within the month of the recital.

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