Why choose SBSA?
South Bay String Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality musical instruction for all students ranging from beginning lessons to highly advanced. Violin, viola, contemporary guitar and musical theory (both written and aural) lessons are available to help aspiring musicians to maximize their potential, no matter what their age.

How do I choose a teacher for myself or my child?
There are many string teachers available, but when choosing one the quality of teaching and experience is paramount. Choosing a violin teacher that does not address all aspects of playing (mental, physical and emotional) can lead to many undesirable effects, including lifelong injury.
South Bay String Academy specializes in all levels of instruction, whether you are an adult looking to expand your musical horizons or a four-year-old just starting the violin. Early childhood/ beginning string pedagogy is a specialty of SBSA.
SBSA uses a combination of many styles of pedagogy to maximize learning and enjoyment of the violin, viola and guitar. Some, but not all styles included are: Shinichi Suzuki, Paul Rolland, Mimi Zweig, Ivan Galamian, Carl Flesch, Joseph Gingold, Tadeusz Wronski, Pablo Casals, Toby Knapp, Kato Havas, Neil Weintrob. Concentraton on natural motions and psychological well-being are just important as technical facility and musical understanding. This helps the student to realize their full musical potential.

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