Students are expected to come to lessons prepared and with a positive attitude. Lessons are merely a guide; the real improvement happens every day at home in between instruction. Again, each student differs, but daily practice is necessary. Daily practice is mandatory.
Parents or guardians are required to attend lessons of all students under the age of 18. Their commitment and involvement are just as important as the students. Sound and video recording devices are strongly encouraged to use as a reference for home practice.

Recommended Readings for Parents and Students:

  • The Teaching of Action in String Playing; Paul Rolland
  • The Principles of Vioin Playing and Teaching; Ivan Galamian
  • Nutured by Love & Ability from Age Zero ; Shinichi Suzuki
  • How to Learn the Alexander Technique; Barbara Conable
  • Stagefright & A New Approach to Violin Playing; Kato Havas

Contact for more advanced materials and sources.

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