Violin, viola and guitar lessons for younger students start at one-half hour a week, and more advanced students can enroll for multiple one-hour lessons a week. SBSA is dedicated to working with each student as an individual without pre-set lesson plans or itineraries. We address a student's individual strengths and challenges while keeping long-range goals in mind.
Parents are required to attend all lessons for students under the age of 18 as they are vital to the student's progression. Standard repertoire will be studied and performed, as well as many supplemental materials for technical facility as well as the incorporation of form and theory to gain a complete picture of music.
Group lessons will become available (and strongly encouraged) when there are enough students at a similar level. Chamber music will also be available for more advanced students in all forms from duets to large ensembles when there are enough students at a similar level.
Theory lessons will be available for all students, with some theory being introduced during private lessons. Entire lessons of strictly written or aural theory are also available.

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